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    Dynamic Confirmation Text Validation


    I am trying to verify confirmation number displayed on the page after submitting the transaction.

    On Object Repository
    When added object to repository manually , it is stored as
    Name: WebTable
    Class :WebElement
    innertext: 123456 'confirmation number on the page.

    Confirmation number is generated dynamically and How to verify this dynamic text against DB stored value.

    All I want to is verify a text(dynamic) on the page.


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    Re: Dynamic Confirmation Text Validation

    There are 2 ways. One is to read it through a reference object and extract it using text. Something like "Order Confirmation: XXXXX" and then extracting "XXXXX" from the same.

    Another way is to use a pattern which is unique to the order #. So in this case if it six digits or higher then it could be \d{6,}

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    Re: Dynamic Confirmation Text Validation

    What I would do:

    1) Query the db for the confirmation number.
    2) Use SetToProperty or descriptive programming to verify the WebElement with innertext equal to the confirmation number exists.



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