I am importing a datable to my test which contains multiple sheets within. My test uses these sheets to store the data and conduct some checkpoints.


When importing the excel document to my test, some cells show #REF! rather than the true/ false result of the calculation. When I click on the cell to diagnose the problem (runtime results), I see that the formula is referencing the link where I have stored the original data table document e.g., =b5=(c:\documents and Settings\IS!B30 + CLC4)

When I click on the cell of the Data Table sheet in my test, the formula looks like these =L5=([]IS!L38)-([]IS!L30). It displays these symbols [] within the formula.

These symbols, [], are causing that instead of a False / True result (which I am expecting) a #REF! value is shown rather.

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.