I am new to Webservices testing using QTP. I am using qtp 10 and installed Webservices Addin.The question i have is 1) I have a WebService1 which uses USID/PWD to get the Session ID. EX: Set Login = WebService("AccountManagerService").Login(XMLWareh ouse("LoginRequest")) where i am getting the Session ID in response.

2) To test Other Webservices I have to use this Session ID which i got in the response.

I am having diffculty using the LastResponse .

' AccountManagerService Web service object steps
'Set Login = WebService("AccountManagerService").Login(XMLWareh ouse("LoginRequest"))
'WebService("AccountManagerService").Check CheckPoint("Login")

Can any one please help where and how should i use to capture the Session ID. I am trying to Capture the Session ID to Datatable and use the next WSDL2 to test other webservices using the Session ID that i captured using WSDL1
in the same script. Am i in the right direction or do i need 2 different scripts and store this session ID in a shared location and read this session ID from the file in the other script??

YOur help is greatly apperciated.