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    How To make browser full screen


    I have a brower("mybrowser"), which contains many pages in my object repository.

    How can i make my browser full screen. Any body know which method does this?


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    Re: How To make browser full screen

    Browser("mybrowser").FullScreen sometimes works if you are using Internet Explorer. This success/failure of this method appears to be related to the security policies on your computer.

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    Re: How To make browser full screen

    Brhwnd = Browser("mybrowser").GetROProperty("hwnd")
    Window("hwnd:=" & Brhwnd).Maximize

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    Re: How To make browser full screen

    You can use this below method to maximize your browser

    While doing this if any security pop's come you can call the below function

    Function CloseExitingDialogs()
    set Odesc = Description.Create()
    ODesc("micclass").value = "Dialog"
    ODesc("nativeClass").Value = "#32770"
    Set Ochld = Desktop.Childobjects(ODesc)
    For Itr = 0 to Ochld.Count-1
    If (Ochld(Itr).GetRoProperty("visible") = True Then
    End If
    Set Ocld = Nothing
    Set ODesc = Nothing
    End Function

    this will work fine

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    Re: How To make browser full screen


    Can you please explain what's nativeClass property and is it always having value '#32770'? How did you get that through recording.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: How To make browser full screen

    Use QTP spy to spy on the security pop up window and you will see a value for "nativeClass".



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