I'm experiencing a weird issue where I'm using the count of a particular WebElement to drive a for next loop, it works fine on many pages, but when the count gets higher than about 115 it returns 1. Has anyone ever experienced this problem or know the reason this is occurring? And is there a solution or workaround?
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
set FauxDesc = Description.Create
FauxDesc("micclass").value = "WebElement"
FauxDesc("class").value = "fauxLink"
set FauxCaptionDesc = Description.Create
FauxCaptionDesc("micclass").value = "WebElement"
FauxCaptionDesc("html tag").value = "SPAN"
FauxCaptionDesc("class").value = "captionText"
set FauxCloseDesc = Description.Create
FauxCloseDesc("micclass").value = "Image"
FauxCloseDesc("class").value = "windowCloseButton"

set CaptionColl = Browser("B").Page("P").ChildObjects(FauxCaptionDes c)
CaptionCount = CaptionColl.count
set FauxCloseColl = Browser("B").Page("P").ChildObjects(FauxCloseDesc)
CloseCount = FauxCloseColl.count
set LinkColl = Browser("B").Page("P").ChildObjects(FauxDesc)
LinkCount = LinkColl.count
'print CaptionColl.count
'print FauxCloseColl.count
for x = 0 to LinkColl.count-1
next </pre><hr />

Oddly, the FauxCloseCount always seems to be spot on. I've tried using it to drive the for Next loop and use the index value and inline descriptions but they result in the dreaded "General Run Error"..