Currently in our project, we are trying to do some feasibility for performing automation for the Flex Portal which is build using the Flex builder 3.0 using QTP 9.5. We also have the Flex Add-Inn installed.It will be really great if any one worked in the above requirements share their experience on the following view,

1) Ways to make the flex application ready for automation using QTP.
2) Code instrumentation needs to be done on Flex Builder application to make QTP to identify the flex objects.
3) Does the application performance really affects once the code instrumentation done?

In future, we are planning to migrate to Flex Builder 4.0 from Flex Builder 3.0. So it will be great if anybody share their experience on automation of the Flex Builder 4.0 application using QTP if it varies from the way we automate Flex Builder 3.0.

I am eagerly waiting to hear all the ideas on this. Thanks!