Hello @ all

At the moment i am facing a problem with the TestSetScheduler"

In version 8.2, we could set the planned host name in QC and when the scheduler starts, the test set is executed on the hosts allocated in the "Planned Host Name" Column

After updating or machines with a new version of QC (9.2), the scheduler did not work. The error was "Idispatch error #601"

I managed to fix this by setting the parameter /l or /g.

However now the issue is that the scheduler no longer takes in to account the host name in QC but uses the host embedded in the scheduler script. This is very limiting as its not possible to have multiple host in a test set and means a lot of admin if the host is to be changed.

Does anyone have any clues how to fix this!!

We need to set the scheduler to run test sets at a particular time, and want to allocate the hosts via the QC.

Please HELP!