I have QTP 10 Trial Version.Just trying to learn..

I have 2 queries:

1)I am recording on a web appication which is accessed through proxy settings.When I start the browser,first I need to give the proxy username and password.I could capture and play back the same and I feel that I can keep this script as some kind of global which I needed for further access to my website.

Is this fine or does any one has some other ideas?

2)After I get access to web application via proxy,
I need to login,for which when I click the login button,another child window opens .I think I could not capture any objects in this child window ,as I get run time error while running the script captured saying that the object in this child window could not be identified.

Tried enabling the visible property of the pop -up window as it was sucessfull for cappturing the proxy pop-up window,but does not help in this case.

How should I go about this,in general to capture a child window objects which appeard on clicking a button or link from main webpage window?