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    Object not Visible message


    Running QTP 10 on Win 7, I noticed that pop-up boxes, whether it's VB Success or VB Failure, are being clicked on by QTP (the pop-up occurs QTP clicks OK) then immediately after, I receive the following:

    Object not Visible
    Line (22): Browser("xxxx.com").Dialog("VBScript:Success").Win Button ("OK).Click".

    Anyone know why this message would appear when QTP is already clicking on this OK button?


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    Re: Object not Visible message

    Have you tried to activate the dialog first:

    Browser("xxxx.com").Dialog("VBScript:Success").Act ivate

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Object not Visible message

    The thing is, this was working, so I hate to make any code changes. I would just like to know why this message is now appearing and what it means.

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    Re: Object not Visible message



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