We have a framework written in QTP VBScript which queries the Object Repository. In QTP9.5 it works well. Upgrading to QTP 10 it does not. It just stops when setting the object which holds the OR to 'Nothing'. The code below demonstrates this. You open the OR create a TOCollection and when you come to close the OR QTP just stops.

The example below uses a .bdb file but I've tried this with a .tsr and get the same problem.

Is this a known error? Is QTP10 not stable yet?

Option Explicit
Dim RepositoryFrom
Dim TOCollection

Set RepositoryFrom = CreateObject("Mercury.ObjectRepositoryUtil")
'************************************************* ***********************************
'Put in the full path to the Object repository:
RepositoryFrom.Load "C:\.....put path to OR for this test \ObjectRepository.bdb"
''************************************************ ************************************
Set TOCollection = RepositoryFrom.GetChildren("")
Set TOCollection = Nothing

'QTP10 just stops here on the following line - it does not throw an error, it justs stops!
Set RepositoryFrom = Nothing
Msgbox Err.Description