Hi All
I am workin on huge application which integrated various 3rd party software and is linked to various data sources through services.
We have automation scripts which we want to put to unattended run. But due 'n' numbers of pop ups we are not able to do so. These pop ups majorly do not affect our scripts as majority of pop ups are related to web services or to the modules unrelated to our scripts.
What I want to achieve is I want to create a recovery scenario with Regular Expression which when encounters any unexpected pop up having OK button. It should click OK button.
So that our unattended run should not halt due to any unexpected lost focus or pop up.
I am thinking to regularize the ObjectName or other mandatory props. Like
SWFName as it is .Net application.
and also the OK button which is on the Pop UP window.
Can any help me out with the issue or suggest a better way to handle it.
Thanks a lot. [img]/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]