I'm currently in the process of consolidating my reusable actions targeted towards a single application into one test. Then I'll be using a master driver test to make external calls to these actions stringing them together in different combinations. Because of certain time constraints, I have not been able to test certain elements of the final product and have some questions about the data import and the end result run-time xls file typically created in the reports folder called default.xls.

*QTP 9.5 on Vista SP1 with IE7*

1. When importing an xls using the excel object via code, how does QTP manage potential incompatibilities? I know when I use Sheet->Import->From File, QTP will not run or even save appropriately and can even crash the app if it's not formatted correctly.

2. Are the datatable sheets that represent external calls from the calling test read only?

3. Will I still see the imported data for each action in the datatable fields from the calling test and can I write back to the run-time table for each externally called action?

4. When the test is complete, how is the runtime datatable (default.xls) stored? Are there multiples files representing each external action call? Where are they stored?