My AUT details are as follows:

O/S : Windows XP
Tech Stack : .NET Client Server

The issue I am facing is that in the application there is a list of records in the main window in an Swftable object.
When one of the records is double clicked the record details are displayed. On clicking Close button the record details are closed and the main window is displayed again.This operation works fine when I do it manually.
But when I run a QTP script to perform this operation, it works fine the first time i.e. opening for the record, and closing of the record and display of main window.
But when the same operation is repeated again in the same script at some other location in the script, the application hangs.
I debugged the code and the application seems to hang on the call to a Remote Object on the server. The surprising thing though it works fine the first time via the QTP script but not the second time onwards.
Anybody having faced a similar issue please help me with some pointers on how to resolve this.