Documentum is a web publishing environment.Which is used to store various entities(xml,html,css ,images etc) .

It also contains templates which could be edited by content author and could be published in the Web(for example.there is a page which has a 1.page label,2.an image and 3.a text content(paragraph)...thus these items (page title,image,textual content)are dynamic...and separate templates are created which could be used to create New Content(something like a form with controls for 1.page label(a textbox)2. image option(which could be uploaded/selected from avaiable list) 3.a text area for entering the textual content)

the form when once filled could be published and the changes done (edited) are reflected in the application.

Task to be performed:

Validate the content entered(page label,image,paragraph content etc)in documentum against as rendered in the application.


The documentum form (containing separate controls for page label,image,textual content) when edited and saved generate .xml files and when published generates html files(and even xml )

I need to access these xml files having the edited content and could match against application.


1.How could i access the documentum object model through QuickTest and COM available or any way out.

2.I believe this is a database(documentum in the background)
could i access the xml s using database if possible!!

3.I find there is folder structure available in the left hand side like Websites which has individual folders for 1.Content 2.css 3.Images etc

could i accessa specific xml in a particu;lar folder through code.

4.When i right click a xml file i find there is export option .Manually i can export the xml file and could traverse it and get the data out.Could i export a specific xml file stored in a specific folder through code..???

The post is bit long..Hope i am enough clear..
Please let me know any inputs if available..

I need to get hold of any com exposed or could i get the data from a particular xml file stored in documentum.