I am working with .net windows forms develped using .net advantage -2009 vol-2. We are using following environment
QTP- 10.0, Addin- .Net, Infragistics Test Advantage - 2009 Vol2.
The issue I am facing is try to retrieve the value from grid, Grid shows only 3 rowswhen i try to get the value of the visible row then it is throwing error as "row[i] is not visible ". When i try to record it says the row number as "10;0;0,0" . i am trying to get the value programmaticay by using For loop.
Following is my code to select parent row in the grid and get the parent value first.,
SwfWindow("wind1").SwfEdit("_ultraEditor_2").Edito rButtonDropDown "R;0"
RowsCount = SwfWindow("wind1").SwfWindow("SwfWindow").SwfTable ("_columnsGrid").GetNAProperty("Rows.Count")
For i = 0 TO RowsCount-1
i = Cstr(i)
SwfWindow("wind1").SwfEdit("_ultraEditor_2").Edito rButtonDropDown "R;0"
strval = SwfWindow("wind1").SwfWindow("SwfWindow").SwfTable ("_columnsGrid").GetCellData(i,2)
Msgbox strval

Once I get the parent value from above step then I will try to select the child row programmatic-ally from the band as per my requirement [ie- 10;0;0,0].

It is perfectly retrives the value when the loops come to row 10. My question is how do I select the row programmatically or how to eleminate the error when the row is not visible in grid.