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    How to input data to a FlexDataGrid

    I have a FlexDataGrid (not advanced FlexDataGrid). Now I would like to enter some data to it. eg, "123" to row4 Column 2.

    I tried lots of ways and also I saw a function called "Edit( itemRenderer, rowIndex, columnIndex)" appending to FlexDataGrid, but it does not work.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: How to input data to a FlexDataGrid


    Are you able to enter data into FlexDataGrid.

    In my case, I have to enter data to FlexAdvancedDataGrid. I tried to record on FlexAdvancedDataGrid, but nothing is performed. Not even a single line is recorded on FlexAdvancedDataGrid. I was able to record on all other Flex objects.

    I really appreciate any sory of help with regard to this issue.

    If have sample code, can you please send it to ramesh.qtp22@gmail.com


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    Re: How to input data to a FlexDataGrid

    You will have to select the position where you want to input value
    FlexAdvancedDataGrid("id:=grid").Select "the position you want"
    objForm.FlexAdvancedDataGrid("id:=grid").FlexTextA rea("automationindex:=to:" & rowId).SelectText 0,1
    objForm.FlexAdvancedDataGrid("id:=grid").FlexTextA rea("automationindex:=to:" & rowId).Input toVal

    If it doesn't get recorded then that means QTP isn't able to recognize your grid object. Let the developer know, they probably will have to change the TeaCustomFlex file for you.
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