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    Need ergent help: Cannot end Run session

    I never had this problem.

    When starting Run session, it hangs on there forever. I have to end the process to bring it down.

    I have restarted Windows, repared, reinstalled QTP. After that, I have tried a new test by recording several steps. Recording part worked and I replayed it back. It ran through and displayed result. Still it hanged on forever with the Stop button enabled, all other button disabled.

    Please advise.

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    Re: Need ergent help: Cannot end Run session

    what if you just have one test with one action with
    msgbox "hello world"
    in it?

    I'm wondering if something in your recorded actions or your aut might be causing the problem.

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    Re: Need ergent help: Cannot end Run session

    Next time when you uninstall the QTP , make sure to delete the registry files aswell to make it complete uninstallaiton and then reinstall QTP and try your luck:-)
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    Re: Need ergent help: Cannot end Run session

    I have almost given up and requested rebuilding my machines. Thanks to all for your quick responses and tips!!!

    I'll follow your tips and try to work out without wiping out everything in my machine.

    I will report back with my result.

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    Re: Need ergent help: Cannot end Run session

    It turned out that the problem was my corrupted Windows User Profile. So after I found the cause, I created a new profile and my QTP was up again.

    A big thanks to Tarun for his helpful tips at


    and tons of QTP experience. It did not only save my trouble to rebuild the machine, but more importantly it gives me clues how to debug these kinds of issues. I have learned a lot from it.



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