Hi All

Actually i have an issue while intrying to integrate QTP 10 with QC 10.
I am installing both QTP 10 and QC 10 on the same machine and trying to run qtp scripts from qc from the QC explorer.

its giving me some error as "Cannot get Remote Agent Class Id for ret type <QUICK-TEST>"

Please find the below information

1. OS -windows 2003 server , enterprise edition
2. QTP 10 (Demo)
3. QC 10 (Licensed)
4 QTP for QC (for version 10) has been installed
5. TDConnect (Something like that, not sure)

I have already done the below settings

1. In QTP

A. Already unchecked the "Ignore QC"
B. Checked the "Allow other Hp Products......" thing
c. Tried to change the Dcom settings (as gien ibn some QTP site.. will be glad if some body can give me a confirmed staps)

Please help me. i want to LEARN things. PLEASE HELP me in Learning

Thanks in advance