Hi All,

I am creating a folder with following hierarchy "Root\Folder1\SubFolder1\SubFolder2" in Test Lab

I am using the following code
FolderCreationPath = "Folder1\SubFolder1\SubFolder2"
tsFolder = split(FolderCreationPath,"/")
tsFolderPath = "Root"
For i = 0 to ubound(tsFolder)
If i <> 0 Then
tsFolderPath = tsFolderPath+"\"+tsFolder(i-1)
End If

On Error Resume Next
Set labFolder = labTreeMgr.NodeByPath(tsFolderPath+"\")

If i = 0 Then
Set labTreeRoot = labTreeMgr.root
Set labFolder1 = labTreeRoot.AddNode(tsFolder(i))
Set labFolder1 = labFolder.AddNodeDisp(tsFolder(i))
End If

This code creates the folder for the first time correctly.
Now i want to check for the folder existence before creating a Folder.
I know it should be simple. Can someone help me on this please