I am automating a .Net application using QTP 9.5. The application is simple and the only complex object is swfdatagrid. QTP recognizes this as a SwfTable however the native QTP methods (RowCount, ColCount, GetCellData) does not work on this . I am going into native method of the Table object using .object method. I can retrieve row and col count (using VisibleRowCount and VisibleColumnCount internal method) however I can not retrive data . I could not find any method that can fetch data from the grid. I am using a very crude method of navigating from cell by cell using send keys and copying content of each cell to a note pad and then verifying it. I am not very happy with this solution, however it works. My queries are

1. Does QTP supports datagrid?
2. Do we need a seperate addin for datagrid.
3. Do we have any other better solution to work on datagrid??

Any suggestions on this will help me a lot.