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    SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 objects

    I know the objects in my application are SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 but QTP keeps picking it up as a WinObject instead of those 2 specific object types.

    Am I missing an add-in that would recognize these 2 objects specifically or is something else an issue?

    Would appreciate any help on this!

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    Re: SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 objects

    I would assume this means your developers have done some custom owner-drawn code. These would work by default otherwise.

    The fix is simple - they need to make sure they implement the messages the list and tree controls would have otherwise (i.e. get count, select, etc)

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    Re: SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 objects

    This is an IBM DB2 Document Manager application. Has anyone used this before?

    Any suggestions on being able to recognize SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 and maybe it's not these object types that I'm thinking? The only way I thought it's these objects is because it pulls up the names as:
    ATL:SysListView32 and ATL:SysTreeView32 but the object type is WinObject for these.

    Please see the attached.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 objects

    That's not the same thing as "SysListView32". Judging from the names then this is an ATL version of the same control type.

    If I were in your position I would add all plug-ins to my test and see if I could then spy/record on that object. If that works, I would then remove plug ins one by one until I find the one which causes this to be recorded as a WinObject again.

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    Re: SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 objects

    sgreenfield - Appreciate your response back on this. What's ATL and so do I need a different add-in?

    Currently I have all the add-ins loaded and it still doesn't recognize it. The add-ins I have are:
    ActiveX, Visual Basic, Web, .NET and WPF.

    I tried each add-in separately and it still didn't work.
    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: SysListView32 and SysTreeView32 objects

    ATL is Microsoft Technology - "Active Template Library" - a way to "simplify" COM programming.

    I am surprised that nothing works with all plug-ins checked off; I would have thought it would.

    So to be clear - you had all ad-ins checked off (not just showing up in the list)?

    If so, not sure how to proceed. If I were in your position, I would be using SendMessage and trying different messages to determine just what (if any) the control responds to.

    You may get lucky that way.



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