The AUT am working on is built on webmethods CAF(composite assesment framework) with output as a web application (HTML,etc).

Some of the Pages have lists which do not fall under the SELECT category but are declared as OL (ordered lists) and due to this QTP recognizes it as a Webelement.

1. Is there a way I can force QTP to recognise it as a weblist?
(I tried Extensibility Accelerator with which I can recognise the object but it is not inheriting the properties & methods of a weblist from the base class. I tried Virtual objects too but no use)

2. Workaround for this issue is that the LI(list items) items in this list can be individually recognised as Webelements but I need to select multiple of them together holding down the CTRL key. How do I acheive this?
(I tried SendKeys, Type but didnt work)

<u>Its essentially 2 questions but since they are so closely related, I am putting them together</u>