I have an HTML link in my application HTM source for this link is as given below
<a id="idMenu11" name="menuItem" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick=javascript:;popwinnew(0,'',2); onMouseOver="mOvr('new1','res/new1','r'); window.status='Create a new ToDo list item';return true;" onMouseOut="mOut('new1','res/new1','n'); window.status='';return true;" title="New"> <span id='idMenu12' class='mImg'><img id="idMenu12" src="res/icon/new1.gif" style="border-width:0px;width:16px;height:16px;" name="new1" id="new1" ></span>
<span id="idMenu13" class="mTxt">New</span></a></nobr>
<select name=sel onChange='gosel()' class='menuSelect'>
<option value='' selected>ToDo List</option>
<option value='dayfile'>Day File: Company</option>
<option value='myrecent'>Day File: Personal</option>
<option value='outstanding'>Company Outstanding</option>

Now when I record a script QTP recognize it as Class=Link.
If I execute script after recording it works fine but same script executed after some times not recognizing the same object as mentioned above. This is a button like link which chages colour on mouse over event.

In my previous recording QTP recorded two steps for clicking this link as
1) FireEvent -mouse over
2) click

where as recording on same object for second time just recorded it as

please now please tell me what to do with this object so that my script execution works fine rather than crashing on one time and executing fine on second time.

Waiting for your response