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    Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Hi All,

    I have a set of ***.qfl files to be loaded for each and every QTP scripts.
    I can add them by just using "executefile" command, but I want them to be added in File->Settings->Resources tab.
    If i am the only person who run script with these ***.qfl from one machine, I would add all of them in the test and click "Set as default" button, so that It gets reflected and used in all the scripts in that machine.
    But I want this to be a default in all the machines used by all testers.
    Is there a way I can change the QTP configuration file and give that file to all testers to use the same, so that all the machine uses that configuration file will get loaded with all the ***.qfl file in File->setting->Resources tab as a default?

    Is there anyother way available to do the above?

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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Try this.
    Set oQTPApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object

    oQTPApp.Test.Settings.Resources.Libraries.Add("..\ ..\..\..\Library\xxx.qfl")

    Execute this code. This will attach the resoures to the QTP.


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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Hi Nagesh,

    I donot want all my testers to run this command "oQTPApp.Test.Settings.Resources.Libraries.Add(".. \..\..\..\Library\xxx.qfl")". Also this is specific to a test not for all the test that are opened in qtp.
    I just want to see the .qfl to be added as a default in all the qtp installed machines. Thanks.

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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Does anyone know where qtp stores the ***.qfl or ***.vbs added in file->setting->resource tab when the button "Set as default" is clicked.
    I hope it will not save that configuration setting in tests but in qtp installation folder.

    Can anyone give a hint on this? can this be modified to suit our need?

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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    I understand that associating Function library (FL) in runtime is not possible and I also got to know that the associated FL's are stored in test.tsp file in test script folder which is a binary one and cannot be edited.

    Still I donot understand when we make the associate setting as default (by clicking "Save as Default" button) where is this information saved? definitely not in testscript as it applies to all the script created in that machine.

    I am leaving this thread as it is... if any of you could answer this, pls do so.

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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Write a QTP launcher using AOM, use that file to lauch QTP with all your required settings and resources.
    Make sure all your team members use the same file to invoke QTP and dont do that seperately.

    This will make sure your settings are not test specific and you also dont have to edit the confg files to make them default
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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Write a vbs file and save QTPSettings.vbs where you can give all the relative paths & default settings.
    Keep this file in common folder and ask the new user to run this file before launching QTP as onetime setup.

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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Guys, thanks for all your response. I will try with a qtp launcher.

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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Hi Jonty,

    I just posted "Automation defect (?)" for runing TestSettings and then I read your tips. Could you please explain this more in details for the following points:

    1. Does the launcher including start the test?
    2. To make it consistant to run the test, it should including setting up Options, Test Settings and Run Settings, does it?
    3. How to set the Run Settings?
    4. How to run the launcher? Is it another QTP test, or run through the some tools (Silent Runner, Batch Runner, or DOS command line)?



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    Re: Setting up Resources while launching QTP

    Hi MegG,

    QTP Launcher is not a utility.. you can click "Generate Script" button from file->settings and Tools->Options after doing required settings.
    You will get two different vbs scripts, merge them to get one single with all required values for Test setting and Run settings.
    If you run that vbs now, QTP will be launched with preferred test setting and required options, thanks.


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