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    How to move from page to page and get image value

    I have a frame that lists the hyperlinks alphabetically. I want to check for a particular hyperlink in all the pages. Then I fetch the text name of the hyperlink and select that link. I am planning to use ‘If” loop to check the text name. But I don’t know how to check all the pages. How will QTP move from page to page? Do I need to record “Click”?

    When I try to fetch the value of the hyperlink, QTP records the hyperlink as an image. I checked the properties using the Spy. It is not showing any name for the hyperlink, it just shows image type as image.

    Code: Browser("Document").Page("Document").Frame("conten t").Image("space")

    Please help me.


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    Re: How to move from page to page and get image value


    Try this.

    Set LnkObj1=Description.create()
    LnkObj1("name").value=name of the link

    msgbox Browser("A").Page("B").link(LnkObj1).exist

    It will displays True if link exist otherwise false.




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