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    java window regular expression...


    I went through many posts but could not find this.

    I have a java window on which I need to perform activities but window name is not fixed for e.g.

    JavaWindow("NLT:7.6 RE:1.6.0_03").JavaList("Name").Select "exit49"

    NLT:7.6 RE:1.6.0_03 could be NLT:7.8 . I think I can use regular expression here but not able to find where to use.

    Can anyone help ?


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    Re: java window regular expression...

    Open OR and find 'JavaWindow("NLT:7.6 RE:1.6.0_03")'
    in the Object Properties select value of property "name" (or any other where NLT:7.6 RE:1.6.0_03 is written) and click ctrl+F11.
    check there checkbox 'Regular expression' and set in the field value 'NLT:.*'
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