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    QTP 10 crashing on close?

    Any one else one QTP 10 having it crash once a test has finished and QTP closes?

    Im getting an error about not being able to read memory.

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    Re: QTP 10 crashing on close?

    Can you post the exact error with screenshot, so that it will be easy to understand.


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    Re: QTP 10 crashing on close?

    I had a similar issue and traced it to a plug in - turned out the stingray add on was active even when it was not checked off (and was apparently not configured correctly - i.e. matched to the version on my machine). Ultimately, I removed it and my crashes went away.

    It not only caused QTP to crash, it would also crash various apps on my machine at different times and would even crash Windows Explorer.

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    Re: QTP 10 crashing on close?

    Ok the error is:

    The instructions at '0x7c910a19' referenced memory at '0xffffffff'. The memory could not be read.

    Click Ok to terminate program.

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    Re: QTP 10 crashing on close?

    Even I am getting the same error when I close QTP. Also I am unable to connect to QC from within QTP. It gives me an error saying "Failed to initialize tdclient.dll". Please help.
    The Impossible just takes a little longer.



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