I'm sorry if I'm asking at the wrong place but however i thought some of you might have already done this so looking forward for help and i did

So my question is till now i have been automating the manual test cases by understanding the flow and creating the scripts and then creating a driver and executing them with data in excel. Now our TL is asking me to have the automation script reflect the manual test case in QC (for some sections there are more than 150 test cases),so looking at them I suggested we need to change the manual test cases into some sections so that automation would be easy instead of single scripts for each of them for which he agreed.
I havn't used before qtp and qc together. So i'm looking for some suggestions how to set up this. what are the things i need to do before i even actually run them. I have seen our current QC does not have QTP plug in, which is the first thing to have a QTP plug in added and then you can click on the qtp icon for recording the script.

For now the automation scripts i have maintaned different folders for Library files,Recovery scenarios, OR,Datafiles and scripts so how do these get added to qc and how i can run the script/driver from qc and also the QC is 9.0 and qtp is 10.0

really appreciate your help..thanks

let me know if i'm not clear