QTP's Input Parameters concept is used to develop automation script. Input Parameters will be set from QTP so that an end user who executes the automation script can pass test data from QC's automated tab (under 'Configuration' section).

Now for the current release there is drastic UI change and the existing script need to be modified to handle the UI changes.

There are more than 1500 scripts with around 50 parameters passed in each script. Same script is been used with different parameter value in each QC test set.

The issue faced is, when a script is opened and modified the script updation gets reflected along with the parameter values in all calls of QC test set. Hence the different parameter values set at each call of the same script gets erased or updated with the current value, set from QTP during modification of the script.

Due to this issue the effort required to populate the existing parameter values is more compared to the script fixing effort.

Kindly provide a quick workaround to overcome this issue.