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    Getting unspecified error for WinlistView object


    We have custom application in VB .NET with some windows control. Problem is with one of the Dialog box having an WinListView object.

    Same code works fine for Windows dialog like Task manager but not here.

    Code snippet:
    Dialog().WinListView().Select 0 ' Select's first row
    strCol = Dialog().WinListView().GetColumnHeader(0)
    strText = Dialog().WinListView().GetSubItem(0,strCol)

    Error:- QTP is throwing unspecified error.
    Have tried using all supported methods

    Attaching object spy screenshot.
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    Re: Getting unspecified error for WinlistView object

    I get this same problem spordically and the only way to fix it is to recycle QTP - Using QTP 10 with Patch 00684 -- I have an external system invoking the the QTP commands and and considering having QTP write a flag so my automation controller can recycle kill and restart QTP script. No solution to this -- it comes and goes for no reason.



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