I'm running into an unusual problem.

I know how to properly import an XLS file into my scripts. On Export, I will run into an issue where QTP (v. 9.5) will give me a 'General Error' on Export.

This does not happen all of the time. For example, all of my data used during Unit Test never seems to cause this problem.

Does anyone know if QTP has trouble with Office 2007 saving Excel files as 2003 versions?

Another unusual even will also occur. After the 'General Error', whenever I go to run any additional scripts, files will properly Import, and be visible in the DataTable, but when any data is needed from them, I'll get a '<foo> Column does not exist' in the DataSheet. I'll have to restart QTP to avoid this problem.

So far I've tried exporting the XLS files to my local hard drive, to a shared drive--same results. Additionally, if I were to manually type all of the data into the XLS file, instead of using the provided template from QA, it works without issues.

Thoughts, because I'm puzzled! [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

Edit to add: We had a problem a few months ago with File Exports where any email addresses that actually became a "mailto:" tag in the datasheet would cause this same problem. To work around it, when the data is loaded, we put a ' in front of the email address.