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    Can I use QTP to Automate this?

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement where we have to test a report which is a PDF. There is some static and dynamic text in that report. The static text depends on employee data for ex. name and his stats etc is dynamic where rest of the text is static.

    There are almost 16 pages of report out of which 10-30 words will be dynamic.

    Can you please suggest how to test this and also the best tool to automate this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Can I use QTP to Automate this?

    Yes QTP can be used to Automate this problem

    Need (From what I understood): PDF has a template, while there are some 10-30 words that gets pulled up from some sort of data store and gets displayed in PDF.

    Solution: If the locaiton of these text(which change) is known then you can put some text checkpoints. But as the value need to come from some data store initially you need to connect to Database, retrive them and then when you generate the PDF you need to verify that correct values are displayed.

    Is QTP useful here?
    Well, it depends on the amount of work, how fast testing needs to be done and does someone in team(organisation) has an expertise.

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    Re: Can I use QTP to Automate this?

    You will need the full Adobe Acrobat product/SDK and/or the Adobe Plug-in to properly test PDFs
    For an easy to use test automation framework, checkout my website:




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