Hi All,

I have the following issues with QTP 9.5

1. Some times, when we open QTP or when we open a QTP script the system hangs..and screen goes blurry. We can't identify anything on the screen.
Restarting the system is temporary solution.

2. Some times, script execution becomes very slow..very very slow. Application works fine.
The script which usually takes 10 mins, QTP takes more than an hour. And this is happening mostly with Terminal Emulator application.
Restarting the system (some times) works.

We are raising a ticket for these problems. Meanwhile I just wanted to check if anybody else has already experienced this.

QTP Version: Build 194
OS: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP2
Terminal Emulator: IBM PComm version 5.5
RAM: 0.98 GB

Any Idea?