I have a bunch of Developers who are busily working with a huge application, written with Microsoft’s Composite Application Framework(PRISM) We have had testers working with them, running the typical blackbox/exploratory/scripted testing... No problems (OK, Bugs yes, PROBLEMS, no)
So, now the application is up and running well enough that they want me to add QTP and LR testing tools to the mix... Cool
Got the application loaded on my desk. Ran it, Tried to get some controls...um.... controls???..... Object spy???

OK, here's a problem that is new to me... The Dev's kinda draw a window, which is static. everything happens in this frame... all the windows, controls, toggles, wizbang stuff, silverlight, etc...Object spy ONLY "sees" the external frame for the application So, although I can see this frame fine, I can not see anything "deeper"
So, although there are about 75 objects I can see, my Object repository is pretty much empty [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
Anyone out there know if I am missing something? (Or do the dev's need to specify something in the config files, or elsewhere, to "allow" access?

Oh, QTP Info:
QTP 10.00, build 513