Hi There,

I am trying to select the existing text(if there is any) and input new text in the FlexTextArea using the Input method by RegisterUserFunction. It throws an error stating 'Object doesn't support this property or method: 'obj.Input'"MySet=obj.Input (x)"'. I believe this is a valid method for the FlexTextArea class object. The SelectText method works fine but there is some problem with the Input method. Can somebody please help to resolve this. Your help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in adv.

'************************************************* **
Function MySet (obj, x)
dim y
y = obj.GetROProperty("text")
MySet = obj.SelectText (0, Len(y))
Reporter.ReportEvent micDone, "previous value", y
MySet=obj.Input (x)
End Function
RegisterUserFunc "FlexTextArea", "Input", "MySet"
Browser("Browser").FlexApplication("someName").Fle xCanvas("someName").FlexPanel("someName").FlexForm ("someName").FlexTextArea("someName").Input "TestInput"