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    Error when opening QC components in QTP

    Here's my problem:

    We have created numerous components in QC using Business Process Testing (BPT). However, since recently, we cannot open some of the corresponding components in QTP anymore. On opening them, QTP gives an error saying they do not exist. I can see that the components are there in QC (I connected to QC in QTP, other components are opening fine).

    * We use QC 9.2 and QTP 9.2 combined with the QTP addin for QC.

    * Funniest part: I can open component XYZ on PC 1, but not on PC 2. There might be some components that can be opened on PC 2, but not on PC 1. Both have the exact same configuration in terms of QC and QTP versions and addins.

    I'm stumped. Is there any alternative to copying the code from a component, creating a new one and simply pasting the code again, if that is a solution to my problem at all? I want to make sure this problem does not happen again in the future.

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    Re: Error when opening QC components in QTP

    I have faced similar issues and that too with 10-15 components. Clear the whole temp folder on both your PC and then try to open the components

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    Re: Error when opening QC components in QTP

    Hello Tarun,

    thank you for your suggestion. However, clearing my C:\temp did not provide any positive results. To what temp directory (-ies) were you referring? And did you mean on the client PC or the remote QC server?

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Error when opening QC components in QTP

    I meant Client PC. Please attach few screenshots of the issue you are facing



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