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    Automating Quality Center Using QTP


    I was told that Quality Center can be automated using QTP (with .NET add-in)but when I tried , I could not automate.

    I just want to automate "logging into Quality Center"(as a one more step, may be clicking on Test Plan tab)

    Could you please help me with this.


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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP

    use QCExplorer as frontend for QualityCenter, this will work

    de omnibus dubitandum

    For all Questions: Please be sure to take a look at the QTP Manual before posting any Questions, thanks for doing this

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP


    You should not record the QC directly.

    You need to use QC APIs to automate the QC.

    Like this..
    Set QCConnection = QCUtil.QCConnection

    Refer the QTP help document.

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP

    I went through QCExplorer. Thats a valuable suggestion. But my requirement does not suite this solution, let me ve a look at other solutions.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP

    Waw this seems to be the good solution.

    I think I made a mistake by not sharing my exact requirement.

    On booting the system,
    I want to run a batch file,
    which will run a .vbs file,
    which will open QTP with a script,
    which will launch QC and logs into QC.

    But here I doubt whether I will be able to open Quality Center by making use of QCConnection.

    Please help me with some sample lines of scripts,

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP

    There may be another answer. When we had to do a performance evaluation of Quality Center 9.2 we tried to use Load Runner. Initially it failed. After some research and good people at HP we were told that in order to test/automate Quality Center you need to change your jboss to allow automated testing. It is a fairly simple change. I think they have this info on their forums. If not I will copy the jboss files that need to have a change done to them and post them sometime this week. What you end up with is two services that you can run QC from one is the default that was setup when you installed QC and the other will have the designation of Performance testing. You can run either of them with no impact to the users.

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP

    You have two issues here, QTP recognises QC objects as WinObjects which are difficult to manipulate with anything other than x,y coordinates.

    The other issue is the QC API does not interacxt with the screen objects. You can connect from QTP via the API but then you need to continue to use the API to extract info.

    What is your end goal, is this purely so you don't have to manually log into QC each day?

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP

    If all you're doing is logging on, you could just do that with tabstops and pure keyboard entry with SendKeys.

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP


    Go through the below lines(vbs file).

    Let me know if you have any queries.

    ' running the batch file

    Set oShell = CreateObject("WSCript.shell")

    sCmd = "C:\yourbatchfile.bat"

    ' If you have spaces in the path, you can do like this instead:
    'sCmd = Chr(34) & "j:\yourbatchfile.bat" & Chr(34) 'commented

    ' The 0 will make it run hidden
    oShell.Run sCmd, 0, False

    ' The 7 will make it run minimized
    'oShell.Run sCmd, 7, False 'commented'Connect to the Quality center by using input Data


    ' Launch QuickTest
    Set oQTPApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
    oQTPApp.Launch ' Start QuickTest
    oQTPApp.Visible = True ' Make the QuickTest application visible

    ' Connecting to QC
    Set QCConn= CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
    QCConn.InitConnectionEx "http://ukcamsqc:8080/qcbin"
    QCConn.login rsUserName,rsPassword
    QCConn.Connect rsDomain, rsProject

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    Re: Automating Quality Center Using QTP


    In the similar lines, I'm trying to run Graphs and Reports from the Analysis Tab (Main Menu).

    Could anyone please tell me how can this be automated using QTP. We want to generate the Graphs every few minutes to track the progress of Test Execution in QC through graphs and reports.

    I tried to record the script using .Net & WEb Addin, but QC objects after Logging in are recorded as WinObjects and hence perform Click operation with co-ordinates. Hence the script fails while playback.

    Any help for automating this task in QC is highly appreciated.



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