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    Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    The QTP on my computer was recently upgraded from 9.1 to 9.5. Now when I run my script, I can't launch an IE browser window.

    Has anyone else seen this problem?

    Funny thing is, we have a remote computer that was also upgraded and when using the same QTP script, it works fine.


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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    Sure sounds like your installation is just messed up. Did you try a clean uninstall/reinstall?

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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    I didn't personally do it, another person did. They said that they did a full deinstall and reinstall.

    I will check out your link.


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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    The built in uninstaller leaves a mess(over 1000 entries) behind in the registry. HP has some offical steps to clear out a few of them in their article KM171368 that you should be able to turn up on their site. But Tarun's tool, or your own parsing of the registry for qtp related entries will do a better job.

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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    FYI, I have posted this same question on HP's msg board. Here is the link to it:


    (Sorry no resolution yet)


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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    Given that your code works on another machine it sure seems like you've just got a corrupted installation. As someone who's been responsible for upgrading dozens of machines in test labs, I can tell you it's a pretty common problem. Have you tried a clean uninstall yet?

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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    Not yet. The guy in charge of that wants to make 100% sure first that, that is the problem and a reinstall is the fix.


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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    Create a new little script that opens IE, run it on both machines for him.

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    Re: Upgrade to QTP 9.5 problem

    Another person in my company installed a few QTP 9.5 patches onto my computer

    <Sorry, I don't know which patches, but I can ask if you need to know>

    And now it works fine.




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