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Access to automated testing has also been almost three years, and in this three-year period of time, or feel that they learned a lot through the efforts of knowledge, Oh, I intend from now on their own time to learn the knowledge of automation, including their use in the automated testing process a number of techniques and problems encountered through lectures in the form of All shared out to everyone, lectures are examples of the form after the handover, so that everyone can improve and progress, and hope that we can support!

<font color="red"> == AOM Application (a) QuickTest Automation ==
The update time, October 8, 2009 QTP lecture series

== AOM Application (b) Object Repository Automation ==
Next update time, October 14, 2009 QTP lecture series

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1.QTP Lecture Series Add-in Manager plug-in description

2.QTP Object Library Lecture Series and the principles of dialysis

3.QTP manual parameter

4.QTP resource pool Lecture Series

5.QTP Lecture Series DOM Application

6.using QTP Lecture Series DotNetFactory call. NET class library

7.QTP series of lectures custom COM components to achieve (a)

8.QTP series of lectures custom COM components to achieve (b)

9.QTP Lecture Series AutoItX Technology

10.QTP Lecture Series QTP's two kinds of playback modes

11.AOM Lecture Series QTP Application (a) QuickTest Automation

<font color="red">12.AOM Lecture Series QTP Application (b) Object Repository Automation
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