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    Description of a newly launched browser

    The application I'm currently scripting for launches a new browser once the initial login is complete. The problem with this newly launched browser is that it's description is user specific. In other words, once logged in the page looks like this:

    Browser("User Name").Page("User Name")

    My question is this - Is there a way to get the attributes of this new page so the script can be used for multiple users? I realize I can put these names in the data table but wanted to do it programatically. My apologies in advance if this has been covered before...I did search.

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    Re: Description of a newly launched browser

    In the Object Repository set the title or some other property to look for a regular expression common to each of the titles.
    for example it the title was "User - Test Person" you could set the title to be "User.*"

    If there is nothing common , then you can remove all the description properties and use the Ordinal Identifier Creationtime , 1 if its the second window opened or 2 for the third window etc.

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    Re: Description of a newly launched browser

    When the new browser opens, you can use one of the techniques in this article to access it immediately:


    See "Add Last Open" Browser there. All procedures there are members of a class (which you can download), but it should give you an idea of how to add browser without the need to parameterize such dynamic values.

    If you are still unclear, please post here and we'll try another method.

    Anshoo Arora
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    Re: Description of a newly launched browser

    I was able to solve this particular problem by using the ordinal identifier and then simply grab the page name using the GetROProperty browser method.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. AnshooArora - thanks very much for the link...planning on using this in the future.



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