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    QTP trial download


    I'd like to download the trial version for QTP 10 here, but it seems that registration is "(503)Service Temporarily Unavailable".

    As it doesn't say when it's supposed to work again, it makes me a little nervous. I'd need this rather quick.

    Is there another way for me to get my hands on an evaluation copy? Maybe someone saved it and is able to share?


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    Re: QTP trial download


    I am facing the same issue, I am not able to download the trial version of QTP from www.mercury.com . Whenever I try to register it gives error and not allowing me to proceed.

    Please suggest a solution.


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    Re: QTP trial download

    Contact HP or a QTP reseller in your area for any problems you are having with a trial version of QTP. Don't ask to have one provided to you on this site from another member.

    And the Mercury site is no longer valid.

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    Re: QTP trial download

    Try the site again, it appears to be working now. That site is up and down all the time so if it appears to be down, it will be available a few minutes later.
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    Re: QTP trial download

    Ah, yes. It seems it's working now. Lucky me. :-)

    I just hope that 1.5GB download won't be interrupted/corrupted...



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