Hello Frens,

I am doing feasibily study on Delphi applications automation with QTP 10.0. In the course of this, i have installed the QTP 10.0 trial version and including Delphi addin. QTP 10.0 able to record and identify the objects in Delphi applications. But while running the script i am encountering "Unrecoverable Error". This gives QTP 10.0 not able to identify the objects while running the script.

I have seen in QTP help , enabling the connection between QTP10.0 and Delphi while running the scripts. The solution is we need to place the certain files in source code application and compile the code. In the real projects this is not possible and client willn't allow to do this.

Same solution is given for QTP 9.5 version, i thought in QTP 10.0 this can be eliminated and we can use directly. But now i am in the air.

I have used the delphi applications from www.delcode.com for initial feasibility purpose before going actual project.

Please share your thoughts anyone have idea on Delphi automation.

Please do mail me kiransweng@gmail.com