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    Using QTP with BMC Remedy Web Pages

    Has anyone had any luck using QuickTest Pro 9.2 while automating tasks on BMC Remedy Produced Web Pages? My problem is this-

    I want to read the local data sheet to determine if anything is listed in the "category" column. If nothing is listed in the "category" column of my data sheet, then I would like to select the first item in the category drop down list. Otherwise, I will select the item listed in the data sheet.

    My problem is that Quick test pro records this drop down list as a "WebEdit", and every item contained in the list as a "WebTable". I have been trying to select the items in the list by changing the "innertext" property of the WebTable objects, and then clicking on them. This only works for certain lists on the web page I am using, otherwise I receive an "object cannot be found" error.

    Basically, what I am saying is that I am having difficulty getting QTP to recognize this object.

    I have been using quick test pro now for only a few weeks. I am running version 9.2, with only the web add-in (Although I have many other add-ins installed, just not loaded).

    Here is the code I am using (this code works for other drop down lists, just not this one):

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>Browser("Select Class").Page("Computer").WebEdit("WebEdit_5").Clic k
    category = DataTable("Category", dtLocalSheet)

    If (category = "") Then
    category = Browser("Select Class").Page("Computer").WebElement("WebTable_3"). GetROProperty ("innertext") 'Get the run time property of this list
    End If
    Browser("Select Class").Page("Computer").WebElement("WebTable_3"). SetTOProperty "innertext", category
    Browser("Select Class").Page("Computer").WebElement("WebTable_3"). Click </pre><hr />

    Here is a screenshot of the drop down list I am trying to automate:

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    Re: Using QTP with BMC Remedy Web Pages

    From your code it seems that QTP identifies the List as WebElement and not the WebTable.

    Try using the Object Spy and then you can use descriptive programming.


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    Re: Using QTP with BMC Remedy Web Pages

    I had this exact same issue and had to write a custom function to solve this problem. The real issue is BMC reinventing the wheel by taking standard types of controls like drop-downs and creating their own look-a-like versions. The web table issue you described is particularly problematic because it is generated on the fly only when you click the sudo drop-down graphic which triggers a JavaScript and renders the web table to look like a drop down list. The Edit fields are also set up in a bizarre way.



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