Please can some one please help me. i am tryign to do Hllapi configuration to start testing on mainframe. I was able to do it in the QA region but now when i try to do it in production i cannot do it. i went ahead n changed in options>>globalPreferances n under A chose the path for production mainframe session .

similarly wen i try to confirgure hllapi in QTP,
tools>>options>>TE>>openwizard&g t;>IBM TN3270>>supports hllapi

i think i am selecting a wring path for hllapi bcoz it tell em correct the path and name for hllapi. n it doesnt not reognize the mainframe. I was able to do this before but now i cannot i dont know why. please some one help me. there is a lot of testing in production and i need to get it done asap... please i dont know where i can search for the hllapi.dll n i named it hllapi