I want to use QTP for automation of our GUI in Flex. But the developer says that because of dynamically created menu components by method addChild() QTP does not recognize anything created like that. he says that QTP doesn't know what objects will be there and has such problem.
I must say that we lost a few months and still have no automation which is more of a problem since more and more modules are added to the gui and manual testing of this is a real pain.
Please someone help me. Maybe the developer didn't tell me the whole truth and doesn't want to make change? He says this is too high cost of change. But why having no tests is not a high cost especially when there are bugs all the time.
The manual test are not good when they are performed a few times a week. This is boring and all the books say to automate regression tests.
QTP was working with the GUI only if the tabs in the menu were created statically.
We try also FlexMonkey but this tool seems to be too heavy and requires a lot of configuration. It is also primitive if you use only flexMonkey and not Fluint.