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    Distributed QTP Testing without Quality Center?

    Has anyone done distributed QTP testing without using Quality Center for managing the remote execution piece?

    Im looking for a good way to kick off a large suite of QTP tests against a test lab of 15 machines.

    Keen to get other peoples experiences on this.


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    Re: Distributed QTP Testing without Quality Center

    Yes we have done it and it works pretty well. But there are few issues as well. One is that you should run QC on a different machine from the lab machine.

    - Running QC on the lab machine will causing memory leaks and hang both QC and QTP also.
    - McAffee virus scan can cause issues when running QC.
    - If QTP hangs on one machine then that machine would not be recovered without manual intervention
    - If your QTP is left idle for a long time and then your scripts would fail with an error that QC session has timedout. You need to close QTP to make sure that does not happen

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    Re: Distributed QTP Testing without Quality Center

    Sounds like you were using QC on a different machine though.

    I was more thinking about the scenario where you dont use QC at all. I have heard about other "Remote Execution" solutions out there, like the following, and was wondering if anyone had actually implemented any of these

    1. STAF/ STAX (http://staf.sourceforge.net/getstax.php)
    2. Using distributed Ruby (DRB) to kick off QTP scripts on different machines
    3. Using Remote WSH
    4. Using the QTP automation object model (AOM) to get QTP to kick of a remote QTP session on a different machine
    Dim qtApp
    Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application", "machine01") ' 02, 03, 04, etc
    qtApp.Options.Run.RunMode = "Fast"
    qtApp.Open "C:\Tests\Test1", True
    qtTest.Run ...

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    Re: Distributed QTP Testing without Quality Center

    the last approach is what i would suggest

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    Re: Distributed QTP Testing without Quality Center

    I built an automation manager for QTP using MS Access and QuickTest object model. It is certainly a doable project. In my case, the tool started as a simple way to run more than one test on multiple machines. It evolved to into a complex test management tool with reporting, results analysis, automated rerun of failed tests, requirements management and mapping to tests.
    You don't need QC to manage your testing over many machines. In most ways, I prefer my Access-based app over QC. Fun project....Bob
    It's a BPT world.

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    Re: Distributed QTP Testing without Quality Center

    Surely you could combine the last two approaches you mentioned. In such way, I've handled over 100 testing machines, and the functions include deploying the test script, triggering it, checking the status and collecting the result.



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