Hi guys!

If it is possible, could you tell me the sequence of actions, that
Object of class TdxBarControl (from library DevExpres) maps to object SwfToolBar.

It is desirable with the description of steps, for example:
1. We create the project in Visual Studio.
2. We create a new method in it.
3. We rewrite the file SwfConfig.xml.

At present I have made the following:
1. Has created the project in Visual Studio2005 QuickTestCustomServer_Menu
1.1. In file Configuration.xml for Control TdxBarControl has specified attribute MappedTo = "SwfToolBar"
2. Has created in file MyMenu.cs new method MyMet (empty)
2.1 Has compiled the project
3. Has rewritten file SwfConfig.xml
4. After project compilation the file QuickTestCustomServer_Menu.dll was created in file Configuration.xml, the link to given DLL is specified truly.

As a result of the above described actions I expected in QuickTest Professional by means of ObjectSpy to see at object TdxBarControl the new created method and methods belonging to object SwfToolBar (for example, methods GetItem and Select).
However new methods have not appeared.

Best regards,