Can anyone help me to find out why handler to the context menu is 0 for Windows Explorer folder’s main menu.

Let’s say you open My Documents folder and it is necessary to get File->New->Folder item state (if it is enabled or disabled).

Below is part of code from (p. 41 http://www.scribd.com/doc/6678471/Codes) which really works for WordPad, but when I try to do the same for Win Expl folder – FileMenuHandle is 0

Extern.Declare micLong,"GetMenu", "user32.dll", "GetMenu",micHwnd

Extern.Declare micLong, "GetSubMenu", "user32.dll", "GetSubMenu", micLong, micInteger

‘// My Documents should be opened

strWin = "My Documents"


wait 1

' Get the Handle of the window.

WinHandle = Window("regexpwndtitle:="&strWin).GetROPropert y("hwnd")

' Window("regexpwndtitle:="&strWin).WinToolbar(" regexpwndclass:=ToolbarWindow32","windowstyle:=144 2895949") ‘// menu bar where actually main menu is located

' Get Handle Of Main Menu ( e.g File, Edit, View. etc )

MenuHandle = Extern.GetMenu ( WinHandle )

' Get Handle Of "File" Menu ( 0= File, 1=Edit, 2=View etc )

FileMenuHandle = Extern.GetSubMenu ( MenuHandle, 0 ) ‘// And here I get “0”