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    FireEvent method on Java objects

    I am encountering a problem with a JavaButton in my AUT, so I was hoping to try using the FireEvent method to see if I could overcome the problem. However, there is little information in the QTP Help about the FireEvent method for Java objects. Is there a web-site or FAQ that details what the EventArguments array should contain for each of the Java objects (JavaButton, JavaEdit etc)?

    e.g. JavaButton("aButton").FireEvent micMouseClick, 0, "BUTTON1_MASK", 4, 4, 1, "OFF"

    How do I know what the arguments passed in to the FireEvent method should be?


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    Re: FireEvent method on Java objects

    You could try JavaButton.Object.doClick() instead of FireEvent. And you could try requestFocus() / grabFocus() before clicking the button.



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