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    object index values keep changing in web frames

    Hey all,

    Sorry, this will be my first QTP post and I will confess to being new to QTP so if this is a newbie blunder then I will put on my suit and take it like an engineer.

    But here is my problem. The browser, page, and frame are all adding _n at some time making object recognition fail. With the Browser and the page it isnít that bad as once I have a build it seems to be pretty consistent. But, the Frame is a different story; it frequently (but not consistently) changes the _n value each time I run the script or pull up a new browser instance (only one at a time)

    I have gone into the Tools  Object Recognition menu and changed the Web Frame object to not index, that hasnít helped. I have changed it to index by location, that hasnít worked.

    If I canít get this resolved I imagine I will have to go to low level testing but that seems to be admitting defeat.

    Any suggestions?

    Web app

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: object index values keep changing in web frames


    This is quiet a common issue.
    You can try adding all the objects in the object repository first and then write the steps on your own instead of recording.


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    Re: object index values keep changing in web frames

    Thanks Gurv,

    I have been deleting and resetting the repository so I will give that a try and just write it out myself.

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    Re: object index values keep changing in web frames

    i have never seen bugs sleeping



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